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Tuesday, 18 December 2012  |  Sarah

Avid readers of our "old" blog and also our Facebook and Twitter followers will know that we have spent a fair chunk of this year writing a book !

It's all with the publishers now and we're awaiting a first print draft, which is all VERY exciting.  However, there has been quite a bit of debate over the actual name of the book.  I was keen for it to be called Blooming Felt because, let's face it, as all the projects in the book have been designed by us and only use Blooming Felt products, it seemed silly to call it anything else.  However, in these days of search engine optimisation on the web, it seems that what a book should be called and what a book end up being called (so that it's search engine friendly) are two completely different things !

Back in June we asked for suggestions for the name of the book.  Fortunately, lots of Blooming Felt fans put their thinking caps on and we were inundated with suggestions.  We gave all of the names to the publishers and they then spent a long time looking into the most appropriate name from a "search engine" point of view.  Finally, on Friday last week we got the call to say that the name had been decided on !

Ladies and gentlemen (because I know a few men do follow Blooming Felt), I am very excited to tell you that the name of Blooming Felt's book, due for publication next September, will be:

25 quick and easy felt projects

Hurrah !!!!  And CONGRATULATIONS to Bridget Draycott who suggested the name !  A signed copy of the book will be on its way to her once published, next September.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to suggest names - they were all brilliant suggestions, but sadly we could only choose one.  We've kept a note of all of the suggestions and maybe our next book will use one of the other names