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Thursday, 15 November 2012  |  Sarah

We were very excited here at Blooming Felt last week after we were mentioned on National Radio !

Avid listeners of the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 might have heard Chris mention Blooming Felt's Shedquarters !! 

Last week, Chris Evans was chatting about sheds and what people do in them.  After hearing various texts and tweets read out by Chris regarding listeners sheds whilst on the school run, I decided to tweet Chris myself and tell him about how Blooming Felt is run from our very own "Shedquarters".

After arriving home and walking from my car to the house, my phone started going a little crazy with various texts and tweets from friends and customers telling me that they'd heard Chris mention us on his show !!  Typically, I missed it !!!  I then had to wait a couple of hours before the show's podcast was available to listen to on BBC iPlayer before scanning through and hearing the snippet, which I then proceeded to record onto the voice memo function of my phone, so that I can bore people senseless with it !!  I know .... I'm really sad (but dead chuffed that Chris Evans loved our "Shedquarters) !