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Sunday, 13 January 2013  |  Sarah

Are you aware that Blooming Felt have a product review facility available within our website ?

If you're unsure whether to buy a particular product, click on the "Review" tab within the actual product itself and see if any previous customers have purchased and rated the item you're interested in.

Whenever customers buy from Blooming Felt, we always follow-up their purchases with a courtesy email and ask them to "review" the items they bought.  We publish ALL reviews, whether the customer leaves a 1 star review or a 5 star review.  Of course, if they leave anything less than a 4 star review, we will look into the issue immediately as reviews with poor ratings are a cause for concern and here at Blooming Felt we pride ourselves on our customer service, so hate to see unhappy customers.

Why not try it out ?  Over half of the products on the Blooming Felt website have had reviews left for them and they will give you a real insight as to whether the item you're looking at is exactly what you're after - it might even give you some new ideas !

One of the most popular items on our website and one which has received the most reviews is our 100% Wool Felt Stack which is a bundle of 20 smaller pieces of our 100% thick wool felt sheets.  Just click here to go to the product and then just click on the "Review" tab to see what Blooming Felt customers have been saying