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Do you want to be in our Gang ??

Thursday, 14 January 2016  |  Sarah

So, how many of you know about all of the Social Media channels we subscribe to ?

We're on Twitter 

We're on Instagram

We're on LinkedIn 

We're on Pinterest 

We dabble occasionally on Google+ (bloomingfelt), although that's a bit of a mystery to us, so sometimes we're on there and sometimes we're not !

We're here !  Our blog is hosted on our website but if you don't want to have to remember to keep checking to see whether we've published a new post, you can subscribe to Bloglovin and request to follow us on there.  Everytime we publish a new blog post, you'll get an email and a link to our blog.  It's easy peasy !!  And .... there are quite literally thousands of other blogs on Bloglovin, so if you follow all of your favourite blogs via them, you can keep up to date easily.

And, of course, we're on Facebook

The trouble is ..... Facebook don't like companies to promote themselves for free on their platform and so are putting more and measures in place that mean unless you interact with our page on a regular basis, we will gradually disappear from your feed altogether. And that's not fair !!  We want to tell you about what we've been up to, we want you to know about sales and discount codes and special promotions - that's why you and nearly 7,500 other people follow us !!  But Facebook are being a bit mean and filtering what you can and can't see in your newsfeed.  Last week, one of our followers told us they'd just seen a post from us and it was the first post they'd seen in over a year - they thought we had gone belly-up !!  

So, what to do about Facebook not showing you our posts ?  

Well - we've decided to set up a special Facebook Group just for people like you that want to keep up to date with all the goings on at Shedquarters.  The Group will be a closed group and you will need to apply to become a member (which is free, of course).  Becoming a member of our Group will mean that you'll see new products before we tell anyone else, you'll be entitled to special offers, we'll be running competitions just for the members, you will be able to chat with other members, post pictures of your various felty projects, ask and share advice and lots of other fun stuff ! Being part of the Group means that all posts will show up in your newsfeed - yay!!!

How does that sound ?  Do you fancy it ?

If so, head over to our Group and apply to join.

We look forward to seeing you there and chatting with you on a far more regular basis !!


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New Year, New Resolutions !!

Saturday, 2 January 2016  |  Sarah

I'm not really one for setting New Year Resolutions, but this year I have decided that I really must make more of an effort with our Blog and Social Media channels.

I was reading an article in the newspaper today and it was saying that so many people can't keep to their New Year resolutions and give up pretty quickly.  Apparently, rather than writing out a list or just saying "I'm going to keep my blog and social media channels up to date", the trick is to ask yourself a question.  So, my question is "How can I make my blog and social media channels more interesting?"

And the answer is .......

  1. Publish monthly interviews with fab crafty types
  2. Product reviews
  3. Book reviews
  4. Tutorials
  5. Giveaways / Competitions
  6. Favourite Blogs, Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards


Of course, we're more than open to other ideas and suggestions, so if there's anything else you'd like to see us publish, do please let us know !




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Helping our Suppliers in Nepal

Monday, 27 April 2015  |  Sarah

Most of you will be aware of the terrible earthquake that has devastated many parts of Nepal, causing a huge loss of life and the collapse of many buildings.

Our main felt supplier is based just outside of Kathmandu and whilst their business premises are still standing, many of their workers have lost their homes and all of their belongings. Fortunately, none of their workers have lost their lives.  We received these photos from our suppliers overnight.  You can see the terrible situation they find themselves in.


Here at Blooming Felt we are keen to help with the relief effort in any way we can and as such, will be donating 15% of all website sales over the next few weeks to our suppliers in order that we can try and help them rebuild their lives.

Do please help us to help them by ordering from us within the next few weeks so that we are able to send whatever money we can to try and make their lives a tiny bit better.

Thank you so much 

Sarah x



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