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Next Open Day + Come & Needle Felt an Easter Egg !

Saturday, 21 March 2015  |  Sarah

Spring and Easter is a great time for crafters.  All of the bright colours in craft supplies make fantastic projects and with such a massive choice of buttons and ribbons etc. that are available, the items you can create are endless.  You only have to look at social networking sites such as Instagram and Pinterest to see the huge range of projects that can be created.

Of course, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without eggs.  We all love a chocolate Easter egg but they don’t tend to last very long in our house, in fact, you’re lucky if they last to the end of the day.  A couple of years ago, we held an Easter Egg hunt in our garden for our children and a number of their friends and families.  We hid lots of lovely little miniature chocolate eggs - you know the ones that are wrapped in shiny paper / foil ?  I spent ages hiding them all and when everyone arrived we gave all of the children a little felt bucket and sent them off to find all of the eggs.  Unfortunately for us, the magpies had been watching me hide the eggs with their beady little eyes and by the time the children arrived and started looking, the magpies had already been down and pinched all of the eggs !!!   Talk about feeling like a fool – the kids were convinced I hadn’t hidden anything at all, but tell-tale bits of silver foil scattered about the garden fortunately let me off the hook – although a couple of kids looked at me rather suspiciously as though I had actually eaten the eggs myself and just discarded the wrappers.

So, if you fancy doing an Easter egg hunt here’s a tip.  Don’t use eggs covered in silver foil !!!!  Use FELT EGGS !!!!  We’ve got loads in stock at the moment – you can use them as they are, just plain, or decorate them.  They make perfect eggs for Easter egg hunts and look fab when threaded and hung from your Easter trees. 

We'll be holding an OPEN DAY on Saturday 28th March from 10.30am until 2pm at our Shedquarters in Danbury when you can come along and stock up.  We’re also running a drop-in session on the same day for you to come and learn how to needle-felt onto your felt eggs.  The drop-in session is just £5 per person (no booking necessary).  Everything you need to needle-felt an egg is provided and you get to take your egg away at the end of the session.  As we use very sharp needles, we don’t recommend this for children under the age of 10.

Of course, felt eggs aren’t nearly as tasty as chocolate eggs, in fact, they’re rather chewy.  But hey, at least the magpies will stay away.