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Top 10 Ideas for using Felt Balls

Saturday, 11 April 2015  |  Sarah

"Felt Balls ?  What do you use them for then ?"

That's what I hear every time someone asks me what our most popular product is.  And if you're a little unsure what you can use felt balls for, then here's our top 10 favourite uses for them :

  1. Funky jewellery.  Think bobble bracelets on beading elastic (perfect for kids) or combine them with buttons and string them onto our waxed cotton cord to create a more sophisticated look for grown-ups
  2. Mobiles.   String different sized felt balls, felt butterfly, flower and bird die cuts from a large embroidery hoop to create a fun mobile
  3. Drinks Coasters.  Thread 49 felt balls in whatever pattern you like, to create a cool drinks coaster.  Full details for this project can be found in our book "Felt Fantastic" (available here)
  4. Earrings.  Felt balls are easily glued to flat pad earrings.  Either cut them in half or use a whole felt ball for each stud
  5. Wedding Buttonholes.  We've had lots of Brides contact us over the past year enquiring about custom-mixes of felt balls to be used to make buttonholes for their guests.  It makes me want to get married again !!

  6. Mini Wreath Decorations.  Thread 6 felt balls onto beading wire and finish off with a ribbon to create a hanging loop.  These miniature wreaths make fantastic Christmas Tree decorations
  7. Autumn Acorns.  Collect empty acorn cups and glue a colourful felt ball into each one.  Display them in a large dish or bowl, sit back and enjoy all the fab compliments you'll receive from friends and family
  8. Garlands.  String ivory coloured felt balls onto waxed cotton cord to create a sophisticated garland to hang on your Christmas Tree
  9. Caterpillar Brooch.  String some different coloured felt balls together, use a couple of beads for eyes and antennae and attach a brooch pin to the back
  10. A Chandelier.  My most favourite use for felt balls it to use them to create a funky chandelier.  Use an old lampshade frame, wrap in either felt string or ribbon to cover the framework.  Create lots of different lengths of garlands using a mixture of different sized felt balls and drape them around the frame, ensuring you leave lots of dangly bits !!!  

Feeling inspired ??  We've got thousands (literally) of felt balls available on our site - just visit our Felt Ball section!!